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LULUKISS is a Boutique we hope you will find different from all others!  We have everything from women/men/teens/ to toddler & baby items.  We hope you will love the stylish products we offer all in one spot!  We wanted to do something different with our blogs.... We know that we can give fashion advice, which we definitely will do to keep you updated on the latest styles and trends!  But we also want to discuss REAL topics!  Nothing is off limits!  If you want to comment and don't want to leave your real name.... feel free to use your Alter Ego alias!
Since we have our workout clothes on sale this month let's set the topic of:
Do you look forward to exercise or think of it as a chore?  Fitness Guru Christine Johnson Murphit, of Murphit fitness makes exercise look so relaxing and mind clearing!  Mental Health is not the first thing people think of when they think exercise.... If people would change their minds about exercise being a chore, there are so many benefits that help the mind, body and soul.  
 The Endorphins that kick in during exercise impact you physically, mentally, emotionally and  physiologically.  
In my opinion psychologist should prescribe an exercise program along with medicine from the very beginning.  Even walking relaxes someone and can relieve anxiety.  Smits and Otto reasoned that regular workouts might help people prone to anxiety become less likely to panic when they experience flight-or-flight sensations.  
Health Concerns are relieved with exercise and the correct diet. Diabetes, cholestoral and Obesity along with many other health issues could possibly be prevented if exercise and diet are started early enough.   
And of course there is the actual physical benefit!  How long does it take to change your body after working out?  Everyone's body is different, but with a regular workout routine of 4X a week, and a healthy diet you should start seeing some changes in 6-8 weeks.  Maybe sooner!
Send in pics of your before and after workouts to post to this blog!  Also if you have any Mental or Health benefits from exercise please share your stories!  Hope to hear from everyone!
I have so many people in my life that I wish they would take this blog to heart!  I love you! - LULU KISS
Jasper Smits, PHD, Co-Director of the Anxiety Research and Treatment Program at Southern Methodist University in Dallas Texas and co-author, with Otto of the 2011 book "Exercise for Mood and Anxiety:Proven Strategies for Overcoming Depression and Enhancing Well-being."


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