About Our Boutique Clothing Store

It all started over Coffee! 
We talked about how we wanted to invest in something....   We ended up deciding to invest in Ourselves!  We know how to make a Fashion Statement whether we are dressed up or dressed in our jogging attire!  Because we have all kinds of moods, sometimes we want to go out in a cute dress and other times we are off running all our errands in jogging clothes!  We knew we couldn't  be the only women out there like that!  We decided to sell things we love and wear!  We all want to feel good about ourselves, yes we bring our children up saying "don't let others judge you" but being the judge of ourselves, Make yourself feel GREAT and others will see your CONFIDENCE! 
We Wanted to have a little something for everyone... We thought if your shopping for yourself....... why not also be able to find something for your husband/boyfriend/son/mother/sister/daughter/granddaughter/or friend too!

We can't wait to meet our customers!  Please join us for our LIVE Coffee Talk every Monday from 8-10 a.m.  No subject is off Limits!  Just click coffee talk on website.

We know there are a million places you can shop, please have coffee with us, or a glass of wine .......it's 5 o'clock somewhere!..... and Shop online in your pj's or come see us at our Magnolia, Texas location!

Love getting up in the morning just to wear your cutest clothes!  And then, look yourself in the mirror and say "I look Great Today!"